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5 things to know before moving to London

If you are ready to initiate a house relocation and move to London, it will be wise to learn a thing or two about the city first. Know that this is no small move, so be prepared with all the information you can before that.

Let’s assume you haven’t ever visited London before and that this will be your contact with the UK capital. What are the 5 most important things you need to know about the city?

  1. It is huge! London is a large metropolis, which is by far the most populous city in the UK. The central area and a number of major tourist attractions are all close by, but that is not the case for surrounding areas. The distance is a factor to consider when it comes to commuting for work or even organising your house removal.
  2. Think of the city as a conglomeration of small towns. That is by far a more accurate representation of the place. Literally a visitor here sees an entirely different area just ten minutes’ walk apart. This can be quite confusing for someone who has just completed their home removal.
  3. There are tons of transport options. One great benefit of the capital city is the fact that it has superbly developed public transport. Buses and railway transport make it possible to reach almost every area, making the life of movers easy.
  4. There are interesting events nearly all the time. If you are looking for something cool taking place in the capital, you will find the various events just right for you. There is plenty to go to and time is the only limitation. To name a few: Trooping the Colour, Notting Hill Carnival, Lord Mayor’s Show, Bonfire Night, Chelsea Flower Show, NYE Fireworks.
  5. Somewhat difficult weather. If you are initiating a cross-country removal from a sunny and pleasant place, don’t expect the same in London. Weather in the capital is mostly a topic of negative discussion, with unexpected rains, great variations in temperature throughout the day and cloudy days.

London will feel like a great city, if you can handle its specifics. Be prepared when moving here, if you don’t wish to be caught by surprise.

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