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Abc Removals is a family run business that cares about warm, inviting and friendly atmosphere, but also strives continuously to meet all our customer's expectations.

Abc Removals is a company that focuses primarily on customer's satisfaction and it looks after their goods as if were our own. Our main goal is to accomplish services in such a way that you can recommend us to your friends. TRANSPOL is continually seeking to improve and expand its services so for that reason we ask our costumers for advices. Consequently, we strongly recommend our services and pledge that you will be satisfied with the services provided by us.

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How to Downsize Your Stuff before Moving Out

How to Downsize Your Stuff before Moving Out

The act of moving house or office can be burdensome, even though it does bring a little bit of joy. One of the most laborious parts of the process is the physical property removal itself. You can make that task easier by downsizing your things before you set a moving date. Invest some time in rubbish disposal and save money on your move. Here are five tips for downsizing:

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Tips for Clearing Your Belongings When Moving House

When moving houses and trying to decide what to do with your belongings, first you need to have a clear idea of which items are going to stay with you and which ones need to go. Once this has been established, the actual task becomes easy to carry out. There are a number of options that you can consider:

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5 things to know before moving to London

If you are ready to initiate a house relocation and move to London, it will be wise to learn a thing or two about the city first. Know that this is no small move, so be prepared with all the information you can before that.

Let’s assume you haven’t ever visited London before and that this will be your contact with the UK capital. What are the 5 most important things you need to know about the city?

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Can you move house on a budget

Ideally, when you are moving house, you will have plenty of money to meet all of the expenses. That is rarely the case, especially when you are preparing a new home to love in.

Can you successfully organise a house relocation on a tight budget? It turns out it is in fact possible to do so, if you are careful and choose specific strategies to save money. Here is a quick rundown of a few possible options that you should explore when money is a problem during a move:

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Top 5 areas to live in London

London is a huge city with a lively character and variable neighbourhoods. The interconnecting villages all have a distinct identity, which is what contributes to a different scene just five minutes’ walk away.

There are plenty of areas worthy of your attention in London. It’s a wise idea to consider each of them for your home removal, as they all have a unique character and great many benefits. Here are few top suggestions for you:

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