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Can you move house on a budget?

Ideally, when you are moving house, you will have plenty of money to meet all of the expenses. That is rarely the case, especially when you are preparing a new home to love in.

Can you successfully organise a house relocation on a tight budget? It turns out it is in fact possible to do so, if you are careful and choose specific strategies to save money. Here is a quick rundown of a few possible options that you should explore when money is a problem during a move:

  • Look at multiple moving company options - if you compare the price of moving with several companies, chances are you will be able to select a better offer than what you initially discovered. Don’t rush to book with the first company you come into contact with, as there might be a better deal waiting with the next one.
  • Pick a moving date carefully - if possible, try to move during off-peak season, which usually means avoiding summer. That is when home removals are at their peak and prices for such services reach high values. An added benefit of scheduling your move during a different season is the fact that you will have more freedom in picking a company to move with.
  • Reduce the volume of items you want to move - moving presents the best opportunity for you to discard some of the junk in your garage or attic. The main point of consideration here is that the less you load on the removal van, the less you will have to pay. Besides, do you really want to clutter your home with items you haven’t used in years?
  • Try to acquire free packing supplies - instead of paying for boxes, you can try to search local bookstores and supply stores if they have some for free. Usually such places recycle boxes anyway, so they won’t mind giving them to you instead. You save them effort and they save you money - a mutually beneficial deal.
  • All of these tips make for great money savers if you are working with tight budget during your move. Implement them all and you will surely save a lot of money!

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