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Tips for Clearing Your Belongings When Moving House

When moving houses and trying to decide what to do with your belongings, first you need to have a clear idea of which items are going to stay with you and which ones need to go. Once this has been established, the actual task becomes easy to carry out. There are a number of options that you can consider:

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Selling Them Off

If you decide to sell some of your items, you can go to an auction house, or sell them on the internet, or send in ads to local newspapers. All three options are equally helpful, but an auction house in particular will be more convenient as it will be also be able to advise you. Furthermore, larger items will probably be easier to sell through adverts.

Recycling Your Belongings

This might entail having to look for people who are in need of the items you’re giving away. Organizations such as Freecycle make your job easier for you by matching up the items you’re offering with people who are in need of them. Additionally, you can also donate to a charity in your area.

Disposing of Your Possessions

A waste removal service will be able to assist you in this case. You’ll just need to make sure that it is a registered service and will be able to dispose of your items legally. You can also make sure of local recycling centers, commonly referred to as dumps, in order to dispose of your belongings. In this case, if you’re going to be using commercial vehicles you’ll need to acquire a permit first.

Short-term Storage

If you’re going to be between homes over a period of time and don’t want to sell off your belongings, you can scope out facilities that offer this option. Either that or a removal service you are in contact with may also offer this alternative.

Starting Early

You should begin sorting out your belongings a few weeks prior to the move. For example, decide beforehand which items you’re keeping and which ones you’re giving away, and separate them accordingly. Furthermore, you should also arrange drop offs with local charities or put up your items for sale on the internet a few weeks ahead of time. You can keep a couple of suitcases or packing boxes ready for everyday items that will have to be packed up on or a day before moving day.

Staying Organized

Another technique to make the moving process easier and more efficient is to be as organized as possible while clearing out belongings. If you’re packing them into boxes, you should not only mention which items are they but also say which room in the new house they belong in. You can also use colored tape which tells the movers whether the items inside are fragile and have to be handled carefully. Numbering your boxes is a great way to ensure that you’ll get to know immediately if a couple of boxes are missing when they arrive at the new house.

Make Use of Your Resources

Before you go out and purchase a whole bunch of boxes, look around your home for any suitcases or duffel bags that can be used instead. This will make clearing and packing your belongings a more cost-effective process. Clothing can be moved as it is in the dresser; you can use plastic wrap to fix it in place. Trash bags are also a convenient packing medium.

Clearing out belongings and transporting them can be a very easy and efficient process if you accomplish tasks beforehand and contribute with some DIY techniques.

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