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Top 5 areas to live in London

London is a huge city with a lively character and variable neighbourhoods. The interconnecting villages all have a distinct identity, which is what contributes to a different scene just five minutes’ walk away.

There are plenty of areas worthy of your attention in London. It’s a wise idea to consider each of them for your home removal, as they all have a unique character and great many benefits. Here are few top suggestions for you:

  1. Greenwich - this leafy area presents a fine balance: it is mere 5 miles from the centre and yet has a lovely market-town feel, with numerous pubs and a close community. There are plenty of attractions here, some of which among the most modern that London has to offer, such as the Royal Observatory, the Foot Tunnel and the National Maritime Museum. Definitely a great place for relocation!
  2. Clapham - divided into 4 areas, the classy Clapham is a popular place to live in the capital. With trendy neighbouring areas and good company in all of the four parts, a visitor won’t regret their house relocation here.
  3. Shoreditch - this area is a fine representation of the soul of London, with its vibrant pop-ups and coffee shops. Young and creative people are drawn to Shoreditch like magnet. It is easy to see why there is often a removal initiated to this area: great attractions, restaurants, diverse shops and superb transport links.
  4. South Kensington - London’s own Paris, as often South Kensington is referred to, is a charming and exclusive area. With fabulous white stucco terraces, leafy green streets and rich homes, it is no wonder why the wealthy move here. Apart from all that style, there are also world-renowned museums here: the National History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.
  5. Notting Hill - this area of London has gone through a beautiful transformation to become one of the most desired districts of the capital. It has everything that movers desire: bustling nightlife, great market, plenty of bars and restaurants in addition to fashionable and comfortable homes.

All of these London areas represent part of its unique cityscape. There is something for everyone in each of them so don’t be afraid to check them out!

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